Friends in Low Places

No, this blog title is not a dig. My friends are the bomb! LOVE them all! However, none of them are internationally renown literary agents. That’d be totally awesome though! Just ask Cassandra Clare. No, that’s not my case, nor is it the case of most unpublished authors. What I will say about my friends though is they have talent – and I will use that talent to help launch my fledgling writing career. How you ask? Well, here are some examples.

One of my close relatives (read, very close, we shared the same uterus – although not at the same time) does media marketing for a self-published author. She updates his blog, Facebook page, twitter, etc. Lots of ideas and tips for me to use free of charge!

One of my good friends dabbles in photography.  Score!  Professional pictures for my Blog, Twitter, Facebook page, and other general publicity needs that I haven’t come across yet, but hope to in the future.

I have a lot of friends that love to read and have excellent grammar.  This is super helpful because they were kind enough to read my manuscript and edit it.  Not necessarily a fun job – but they did it!  Imagine changing every instance of “ok” to “okay.”  I didn’t realize how many “ok’s” were in my book until I got an edited version back from my friend with every one of them corrected.  They also gave me a lot of support and advice.

So you may not have any friends in the publishing world, at least not yet, but having friends in low places helps too!


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