The Art of Rejection

rejectionIf you’ve every queried an agent, then you’ve probably been rejected. I’ve never heard of anyone with a 100% success rate, maybe you have, but even the successful Stephenie Meyer was turned down. J.K. Rowling was passed on by a dozen publishers. The point is, if you’re putting yourself out there as a writer, you’re most likely going to get rejected.

If you read the submission guidelines from pretty much every agent out there, they say something to the effect of, “don’t call us, don’t write us, don’t follow up on your query. Don’t come to our offices, and if we reject you, don’t write us back asking for an explanation.”

I took all of this to heart, and my personal mantra when receiving rejections was, “shut the hell up.”Shut up

I never responded to any rejection. I never wrote an impassioned response explaining why my manuscript deserved to be pulled from the slush pile and given a second look. I never wrote back a thank you, or an f you. I kept my mouth shut.

And you know what? Maybe I was wrong (yet again). Maybe I should have tried harder. Emailed back and asked for comments. Not taken no for an answer and pushed my case.

Or not! I picture Alec Shane at Jodi reamer’s office reading this post writers email back to rejections (or lack thereof) and thinking to himself, “Lydia – shut the hell up.”




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