Blogging is Dead

I'm deadJust starting a blog myself, I was surprised to learn blogging is dead. Go figure.  Talk about bad timing! Seriously!  Could someone have told me this BEFORE I started my blog???

What we are losing is the personal blog and the themed blog. Less and less do readers have the patience for a certain writer or even certain subject matter. Instead, they use social media to efficiently pick exactly what they do and do not click on, rather than reading what a blogger or blog offers them.

So why am I here blogging?

I thought it would be a good place to start a following for my book that I hope to one day publish.

I thought it would be nice to share my awesomely terrible moments of rejection with an audience.

And in my delusions of grandeur, I visualize my fans of tomorrow, when my book is a worldwide phenomenon, coming back to my lowly blog and these totally obscure posts and thinking, “wow!  so she is a real girl!  and she struggled to get published. and if I’m struggling, maybe one day I can succeed too!” (note the thoughts of my imaginary fans require no capitalization!)

Of course all these mental images are predicated on the fact that one day I get my book published.  But that’s okay folks.  Because it’s going to happen!

And if it doesn’t, this blog will just die, because apparently blogging is dead anyway!



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