Edit, Edit, Edit

I wrote my manuscript in three months. I spent another two months editing it, proofreading it, and having friends edit it. After that, I started querying agents. I spent a year sending out queries and receiving rejections. After rejection number seventy-one, I decided to give it a rest. So I took a break. I had a baby and bought a new house.

After a year, I decided I was going to shelf my manuscript and start writing the second book in my series. But before I could start, I had to re-read my book. It had been shelved so long, I had forgotten many of the details. So I picked it back up, dusted it off, and started reading it. It started with a type-o here, and a change in wording there. Before I knew it, I was editing my manuscript again. And you know what? It really needed it! So here I am, again, editing my manuscript, again, and I’m starting to think, it’s for the best. Maybe, I can kind of understand why I didn’t get any positive feedback from agents. Maybe. Kind of.


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