Even Ridiculously Successful Writers Get the Blues

Over It

Over It

It’s funny to think from the standpoint of an unpublished writer, that a hugely successful writer, who has made millions of dollars, could not be happy with their work. After all, said works spawned obsessed fans, millions of books sold, movie franchises, action figures, and merchandise sold the world round.

However, that’s not always the case! I was just reading an article about how Stephenie Meyer is unhappy with Twilight! Yes people! It is true! Check out the link below.

I read somewhere (don’t ask me where – I can’t find it now) that J.K. Rowling said the early Harry Potter books make her cringe when she looks back at them (she said she repeated things needlessly (I can see it too when I read the Quidditch explanations over and over again)).

Unreferenced quotes aside, as a struggling writer, I think (and maybe you do too) that becoming a hugely successful writer is the ultimate validation of your work. I guess not! Or, I should say, even if you become a ridiculously successful writer, that doesn’t necessarily mean your work is great (at least to you).


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