He Ate a Sandwich

Love Man vs. Food

I made it a point to eat at Primanti’s when I was in Pittsburgh for a Penguin’s game after watching this episode of Man vs. Food.  Little factoid fer ya!

So I finished editing my manscript, and I’m currently re-writing it.  Unfortunately, I’m in a filler section black hole.  “What’s a ‘filler section,'” you ask?  It’s when you try to write in the daily happenings of your characters.  The boring happenings as it just so happens for me right now.  Like, “He ate a sandwich.”  It’s SO boring to write!  Yes my characters have everyday lives, but who wants to read about that?  I don’t even want to write about that!  And no, that’s not an acutal line from my book, but my sister’s interpretation of it, which I thought was spot-on. 

Here’s my confession.  I haven’t written in 2 weeks.  I need to just go down to my basement workspace, fire up the PC, and quickly button up the sandwich section and move on.  Why can’t I do that?  I’m guessing because it’s not exciting.  Mentally I’m excited about Book 2 in the series.  That’s what I want to write.  That excites me.  But I don’t feel like I can just leave my first book half completed.  Heck!  It’s not even half completed.  It’s worse!  It’s completed, and half re-written.  It’s a train wreck right now. 

This is Hell High right now.  Scary isn't it???

This is Hell High right now. Scary isn’t it???

I can’t just leave it like that!  I must plow on.  Hence, my main character is eating a sandwich.  I should try to make it the most exciting sandwich ever!  Yes!  That will work! 

For the record, I started reading some of the “how to get un-stuck” blog posts from thoughtful helpful people, but THEY were just as boring as my sandwich section.  Sheesh! 

So I’ll keep this blog post short, and try to just bang out the sandwich section in short order.  It will be, “He ate a sandwich.  The next day…”  Not great continuity, but seriously, the passage of time is tough. 

I found this article to be helpful: Passage of Time – but I feel like I’m totally coping out when I start a paragraph with, “the next day” or “the next week.”  However, I think I should just bite the bullet and get it done. 

If I were actually going to bite a bullet it would look like this - I'm sure

If I were actually going to bite a bullet it would look like this – I’m sure


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