Moving On

Move it!

Move it!

Sorry my blog was on hiatus!  The end of November and all of December were awful months for me personally.  I won’t bore you with the sob story, but needless to say, in times of personal hardships, blogging doesn’t make it to the front burners.

That being said, I DID find time to finish my latest round of revisions!!!  Yeah me! I started in March of  2013 with 47,995 words and finished in December with 60,598 words. I’m very proud of myself!

My Manuscript!  In the flesh - or at least in hard copy!

My Manuscript! In the flesh – or at least in hard copy!


Next up is more revisions – on a smaller scale and then (drum roll please) AGENT QUERIES! I think I’m going to go about the query process different this time though. I’ve been stalking an agency that I think is a good fit for for me and I’m going to send them an exclusive submission. I’m already drafting my query letter!  Hopefully it won’t suck. You know what sucks? Trying to draft this post on my freaking iphone’s shitastic keyboard! Never again! My hands are just too small for my thumbs to comfortably reach the keys.

The point is, after a long hard slog, I’m finally excited again about the possibility of getting my book published. Of course my efforts may again prove fruitless – but then I wouldn’t continue to be wrong!


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