Why Publish?

Picture by David Ingersoll. Find him here: www.davidleeingersoll.com

Picture by David Lee Ingersoll. Find him here: http://www.davidleeingersoll.com.  I have a soft spot for Illustrators, Cartoonists and Comic Book Artists.  I’m grafteful for the time spent visiting NCSoft in Austin and all the gifted people I met there!

The question, “why publish?” was an epiphany for me. I’ll level with you. I wrote Hell High to publish it. Period. Done. I never had a nebulous idea and thought I’d write it because it was fun. I wrote because I thought my writing was worthy of publishing. I finished the first draft of Hell High in 3 months. I edited it, had friends read and review it, I edited some more, and then I tried to get it published for a year. Which, if you read my blog, you know ended in resounding failure.


Now, after almost a year of rewrites and edits, I’m back on the publishing path again, and it just occurred to me, why? Why? WHY???

Why go through all the crap of writing queries, and hiring someone to help me with my query letter, and looking at writing workshops and conventions and entering contests (“contest,” singular, is more accurate at this phase because I’ve only entered one contest to date, and no doubt I will fail to win) and submit my first 500 words for public review and scrutiny, and start a Twitter account, and a blog?

I did all this incredibly time consuming crap to become a successful writer. But this little voice in the back of my head, which speaks in Sir Hiss’ voice from Disney’s Robin Hood, says “why bother?”

He looks like the voice of self-doubt doesn't he?

He looks like the voice of self-doubt doesn’t he?

Good question Hiss! Stephenie Meyers said she loved her characters and wanted their story to be told.

Amanda Hocking wanted to go to a Muppets exhibit.

And Lydia Evans, she read some crappy YA fiction novels, and thought she could do just a good of job herself and make some money doing it.  Seriously, that’s it.  I’m starting to wonder if that’s enough.  Especially now that I’m two thirds through yet another round of boring edits.  I guess we’ll see!


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