Writer’s Conference

Writers Conf


For some reason I feel like this should be in all caps, WRITER’S CONFERENCE.  I will be attending a WRITER’S CONFERENCE.  Add inflated sense of self-importance and extreme trepidation here.  I’m going to the Philadelphia Writing Workshop on April 9, 2016.  Not only am I attending the one day workshop, but I’ve gone ahead and signed on for three 10 minute pitch sessions with agents.  It’s an extra (read: it costs more), but I think it’s worth it.  At least I *hope* it’s worth it.  Ten minutes with an agent will set me back $29 per agent.  In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve signed up for three pitch sessions.

Did I let the fact that I don’t actually have a book to publish slow me down?  Not at all.  I’m taking the ridiculously optimistic point of view that my manuscript will be done by then.  After all, working to a deadline is a great motivator.  Right?  RIGHT???


So, with no book to publish, why am I going (you may be asking).  Well there are a few reasons:

1) The program actually sounds informative.  Classes include, “Your Publishing Options Today,” “Everything You Need to Know About Agents, Queries & Pitching” and “Writers’ Got Talent: A Chapter One Critique-Fest.”  These sound like classes I can benefit from attending/

2) Writers – real, published, successful writers – meet their agents at conferences.  The one that jumps to mind is  Veronica Roth.  I’m sure there’s others – but let’s face it – if Veronica Roth did it, it’s probably worth trying.

3) Because querying sucks.  Feel free to read my other blog posts about my epic fails in querying.  I was going to link to them here, here and here, but once I got started reading my old blog posts, I forgot how much I loved them, and then I re-read them, and then I realized I was trying to finish this blog post, so I had to stop.  So by all means – go read my old blog posts about my failure (okay – it’s really FAILURES at querying).  But I digress.


3) continued – yeah, so it’s official that I suck at querying – but maybe (please LORD) I’m better in person.  At the very least, you can’t send me to the SLUSH PILE when I’m sitting in front of you.  At least I hope you can’t.  I wonder if they have a button with a hole in the floor that ejects people with bad pitches into garbage dumpsters….

star wars

I’m Princess Leia! Jinx! You can be Luke. Sucka.

Long story long, I think it could be really good for me to go, so I’m gonna go!  Yeah me!  Now I just gotta write a book between now and April.


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