#AmWriting (Kinda)


I haven’t quite started writing, but I’m getting close. It’s been well over a year since I decided to shelve Hell High. To this day, I still cringe when someone asks me how my book is coming. Honestly, I just ran out of steam. Somewhere along the journey I took writing and then trying to publish Hell High, I read a tip from an author (sorry said author for forgetting your name) saying she wished she had shelved her first novel sooner, because her second novel sold right away, and she’d be farther along if she hadn’t kept on trying to get her first novel published.  I’m not saying Hell High will never see the light of day (I’m thinking another full manuscript edit then self-publish), but for now, I’m moving on.  I’m sorry, but I need some space.

It’s not me..wait..no, it’s me.

And so for a year I’ve had an idea. I’ve wanted to write something in the style of Jane Eyre and Rebecca, but I wasn’t sure of anything else.  I’ve had a couple other ideas, and I’ve tried mating said ideas into one super-novel, but in the end, I had a story epiphany which galvanized me into action.

Now I had a good idea of what I wanted to write,  I just had to write it.  The problem was my new story is in a completely different genre than my treasured and familiar YA.  What’s a girl to do?  These were uncharted waters for me, so naturally I turned toward a book.  This book:

take off your pants

Don’t ask me how I found this book.  It wasn’t recommended to me or anything – I just happened upon it by means of Twitter/Amazon/Goodreads or possibly I had a dream about it.  No idea.  Anyway, thank you Libbie Hawker.  I now have my outlines done and am working through my beat paragraphs (which I’m not going to lie – I’m still not entirely sure what they are) done for both main characters.

Naturally I’m very excited for this new venture of mine.  AND – I’ve created a self-imposed deadline to finish said new venture.  I’ve signed up for a writer’s conference!  I did!  I’m excited!  Now I just need to spend more time #amwriting.